Optimizing your weight loss scientifically and use of interesting ways of work out to speed up the same May 25, 2021

Optimizing your weight loss scientifically and use of interesting ways of work out to speed up the same

Given a choice of work out for fat loss, everyone runs towards an activity like running or any form of cardio The immense pleasure of running over a treadmill always gives you a feeling fat loss may be some time soon.

Since the summers are approaching and those Sweaty days are here and the feeling of completely drenched in sweat gives us psychologically another kg of weight loss. Now when it comes to a scientific practice of weight loss, the first step always comes is Analysing your Body Composition. These days every gym whether an International Gym or an International Standard gym would have this machine with them. A Body Composition machine or BCA machine typically gives a picture of body’s Lean Muscle Mass, Fat Percentage, Water Percentage, Segmental Body Fat, Metabolism(BMR), Body Mass Index(BMI) and explains you the targeted loss/gain required.  So don’t forget to check if it is Fat loss or simply water loss while sweating.

So to every individual who would be essentially looking forward for results, must keep a track record of these in order to optimize results. Meanwhile we speak about Running for Weight Loss, essentially all what feels is not good, therefore too much of Cardio isn’t a good idea at all! According to ACSM’s(American College of Sports Medicine) Guidelines:

Cardiorespiratory Exercise

According to the ACSM, you should perform a minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity cardiorespiratory exercise. This recommendation can be met by completing 30 to 60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise on approximately five days per week. As an alternative, you can perform 20 to 60 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise on approximately three days per week. The ACSM stresses that the required daily amount can be broken up throughout the day.

Resistance Exercise

Resistance training for each major muscle group should be done two to three days per week with a variety of exercises and equipment. Performing two to four sets of each exercise, with eight to 12 repetitions per set in order, will improve your muscular strength and power. The ACSM suggests a break of at least 48 hours between resistance training sessions to give the muscles time to recover.

So therefore a blend of both as mentioned above should form a part of your work out routine and along with the same a regular track of Body composition should be made in order to Optimize and to reach your weight loss results as early and in the best way possible.

These days with even emerging trends in fitness has resulted into people sticking to these routines big times, following are few names:

  • Cross fit
  • Functional Training
  • Kettle Bell Swings/ Snatches/ Snatch and Pull
  • TRX RIP Training
  • Vipr
  • Zumba
  • Tabata Training

Most of them having a base of HIIT which is High Intensity Interval Training workouts using the blast of energy and giving an effective weight loss. In an Ideal scenario a Work out which is in a duration of 30-45 mins followed for 3-4 days of HIIT is essential with a good Diet program essentially would give you a great Fat Loss.

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